Karmady Yoga & Fitness 
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Yoga Classes:

Gentle Yoga: In this class you will learn the basics of every yoga practice. Care and attention will be given to each movement and breath.  It is the perfect class for the beginner looking to learn proper form or the advanced yogi looking to de-stress and relax! Time at the end of class will be spent in restorative postures to further the relaxation!  (low to moderate intensity)

Slow Flow Yoga:  This class is a step between the Gentle and Hot Power yoga classes.  Warm up with Sun Salutations and flow gently through vinyasas.  End with a shortened restorative portion than gentle class, but long enough to let you still really relax.  (Moderate intensity           

Hot Power Yoga: Move through Vinyasas building heat and intensity!  Detox and de-stress while clearing your mind and re-energizing your body! Hot Power classes can burn up to 700 calories an hour! Some Gentle or Slow Flow experience recommended, but not necessary. (High Intensity)

Ashtanga Yoga
: This class is a shortened version of the Ashtanga Primary Series, with some vinyasa flow infused in.  A great sweaty class that will get you focusing on alignment and posture.  (Moderate to high intensity.)

PiYo:  PiYo is a muscle driven, athletic workout inspired by the mind/body practices of Pilates and yoga that also includes flexibility training, strength training, conditioning, and dynamic movement. PiYo integrates Yoga and Pilates with a rhythmic flow of choreography and music. Fitness enthusiasts of all levels, who participate in PiYo classes gain improved strength, flexibility, balance, stress reduction, and overall fitness level improvement.

Fierce Power Flow:  Tap into your inner fierceness through this heated power flow starting with sun salutations flowing into seated and standing postures that will leave you feeling challenged and empowered.

Warrior Zone Yoga: With a continued focus on breath, this class will start with a gentle warm-up followed by a slow sequence of poses containing isometric holds to strengthen your legs and improve your balance.  Focus will flow to core and upper body, ending with gentle stretching and restorative poses.  You should leave the class feeling like a Warrior with a strong mind and body.  Open to all levels as modifications will be demonstrated.


Fitness Classes:

Senior Fit Basic: Come reverse the aging process!  This class is done seated and standing (no floor work) and is designed to increase muscle strength and flexibility. Oh, and it's really fun!        

Cardio Fit: This class is intended for ALL ages and fitness levels!  Work your way through exercise stations as you build strength and cardiovascular endurance.  All exercises can be tailored for where you are at on your fitness journey!  Just bring water and come ready for fun!   

Turbo Kick: a total body cardio workout that mixes kickboxing and simple dance grooves set to heart pounding music! 30 Minute class.

Join the Party!!  Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance class. Please note that this is an adult-only class. 

Zumba GOLD:  This modified Zumba class recreates the original Zumba moves with lower-intensity and easy to follow routines.  Focus on balance, range of motion, and coordination.