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Wellness Retreats

Upcoming Retreat Calendar:

November 30- Dec 2, 2018 Naniboujou Lodge in Grand Marais

Join ​Karmady ​Yoga ​​for ​a ​much ​needed ​holiday weekend ​with ​no ​stress! ​ ​Travel ​up ​the ​North ​Shore ​to ​the ​eclectic ​and ​serene ​Naniboujou ​Lodge ​in ​Grand ​Marias, ​Mn. ​

February 16-23, 2019: Tulum, Mexico
Lara and Jill are headed to a new location!  The 5-star ShambalaPetit Hotel on the South Beach of Tulum Mexico. 

March 22-30 2019: Progreso, Mexico
Join Lara and holistic nutritionist Lucia DiCesare for an eco-retreat to the Gulf Coast fishing town of Progreso, Mexico.